CAB plans to be more ‘student oriented’

Rebecca Watts

In the final meeting of the semester for the Campus Activities Board, members discussed final projects, and expectations for the spring semester.

“Here towards the end of the year our meetings are short,” said Hector Amaya, CAB president.

Regardless of the length of the meeting, one significant topic in discussion could make someone’s holiday a little brighter.

“We wanted to adopt a family, or a student, or a single parent on campus,” Amaya said. “In the past we’ve adopted someone on the Salvation Army Tree, and instead of giving to someone in the community, we wanted to give a Christmas to someone on campus.”

CAB plans on adopting someone in need; even though they haven’t yet done so, Amaya said they will. The organization has contacted Project Stay and Upward Bound, and the response has been a quiet one.

“They didn’t have anyone to send our way,” Amaya said. “What we really wanted to do for next year is focus more on the students, and this would be a good way to kick it off.”

As a good-bye between the CAB members, a Dirty Santa Party was held Dec. 6 in the Student Activities Office. With a spending limit of $5, the members were told to use their imaginations, and the results varied from candy, a rubber ducky and a toilet seat.

“The executive officers decided it’d be fun to get together and do this,” Amaya said.

Next semester, CAB is expecting a lot of laughs with the CAB Comedy Night every first Thursday of the month. The first event will be the Second City Tourney.

“We’ll have people performing here who will go on to Saturday Night Live,” Amaya said. “People like Steven Colbert and Chris Farley went through this company, so it’ll be pretty good. We’re also expecting Damon Williams to have his own show one of the comedy nights.”

Williams hosted last year’s talent show for Missouri Southern, and next year’s talent show host is yet to be determined. CAB is trying to reach Roz from Last Comic Standing. Amaya said the organization is trying to maintain the enthusiasm from the student body.

“Next semester, we’ll try to be more student oriented,” he said. “We’re going to try to get more student involvement, which I think is key to this campus.”