Students create ‘crafty’ gifts for Valentines

Amber Englebert

Pink tables full of pink construction paper, pink hearts and pink cookies lined the wall at Billingsly Student Center this Valentine’s Day. Four departments, Residents Halls, Student Activities, Student Support and Campus Recreation, came together to create a Valentine’s Day bash for healthy relationship week. It included a make-your-valentines table, a build-a-bear table, and a mock game show called Southern Feud.

“We’ve had the valentines table for several years,” said Adam Griffin, Director of Housing. “The students really seem to like it. Cookies we did last year. If the kids didn’t want to decorate, then they could at least eat them. We wanted to bring those back. We’ve never done the Southern Feud. We thought we’d try it and see how the students liked it. In the past we’ve done different game shows; Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right. We thought we’d try another one and see how it went. We have Wal-mart gift cards for each winning team.”

The build-a-bear station was very popular. The most stuffed animals sold out by 11:00a.m., though a few hippos and flamingos lingered on the table until 11:30.

“I built this as a pathetic attempt to do something nice for somebody for Valentine’s Day,” said Jessica Lutz freshman criminal justice administration major. “I chose the hippo because the flamingos were pink and I’m fairly sure he wouldn’t want a pink flamingo.”

Bijal Patel, junior accounting major sat down to make a valentine for his girlfriend.

“Okay, to be honest I got her, like, two cards because I couldn’t decide,” said Patel. “But she likes crafty stuff. So I’m making her something crafty.”