Student’s theses focuses on education, companionship, more

An eye drawing done by Elaine Parrigon, senior art education major 

An eye drawing done by Elaine Parrigon, senior art education major 

Graduates within the Missouri Southern Art Department will open the  at Missouri Southern will to open the senior art exhibit on Monday, May 6 in the Spiva Art Gallery.

An opening night reception will take place from 5 to 7:30 p.m., on Monday, May 6. The exhibit will remain open Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., through May 11.

During the reception, the four seniors presenting their work will be available to answer questions. Light refreshments will be served. 

The artists taking part in the exhibit include  James Stark, Sydney Buffington, Mary Beth Strong, and Elaine Parrigon.

Elaine Parrigon, senior K-12 art education major, will showcase ceramic pieces, a painting, a painted desk, and a drawing with a student installation of a lesson she taught to Carl Junction High School students.

Parrigon’s thesis revolves around education. An art education major, she will showcase several mediums including ceramics, paint, and graphite.

“Education is a part of most everyone’s life, and it is important to me that we find something we can enjoy from it,” Parrigon said. “There will always be an opportunity to learn and my hope is that I can show people the joy behind learning. 

“When it comes to art, there is always something to learn and there is always something to enjoy from what can be created.” 

Parrigon said two different individuals were involved in her desire to pursue an art career. 

“My sixth-grade teacher showed so much passion for teaching and it inspired be to want to become a teacher myself,” Parrigon said. “Then, my high school art teacher proved to me that I could have a future as an art teacher.” 

Mary Beth Strong, senior graphic design major, focuses on employing user experience (UX) best practices and a digital marketing strategy for a wildlife conservation non-profit organization.

 “The project involves a complete redesign of the organization’s brand, particularly its website,” Strong said. “Community members will learn about backyard birding and conservation, as well as how to effectively promote non-profits using digital marketing and UX strategies.”

Strong was inspired to pursue this subject while attending this organization’s annual conference last summer.

 “I learned a lot and became passionate about conservation,” Strong said. “So I wanted to find a way to help better promote the organization.”

Sydney Buffington, senior art education major, focused on the companionship she’s received from those around her. 

“I would be nothing without the people who have helped me get this far and those who are close to me hold me up,” Buffington said.

Pieces in her show will include paintings, a draw, a cut paper piece, and a multi-media sculpture. Each of her works will embody companionship. 

Senior graphic James Stark will have a large scale installation in the show.