Future for video games turned movies appears bright

Future for video games turned movies appears bright

Future for video games turned movies appears bright

Taylor Treadaway

Possibly one of the greatest ideas for a movie has been created from the video game world. From the world of gaming we have received some of the greatest movies for this generation. Games such as Doom, Silent Hill, Blood Rayne, and The Tomb Raider series are only a few games that have come out head first into to the movie dimension to go on to have great success. But one of the best games to film ideas would have to be the Resident Evil series.

Of all the video games that have converted to the big-screen, Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse so far are the two of the best films to date. With the third and fourth Resident Evil movies on the way, Resident Evil: Extinction, and Resident Evil: Afterlife, the series is sure to become a historical landmark in the film and gaming industry.

“I thought the Resident Evil game series was pretty good,” said Joe Collier, freshmen, criminal justice major. “They kept my attention and way the graphics matched the game play was awesome.

They did a really good job visually and the storyline was almost a perfect match.

I really don’t think they could of gotten any closer on it.”

Director Paul W.S. Anderson is the writer, director, and producer of the first Resident Evil movie who perfected a world of zombies and other creatures developed in the game. Even though the first movie was not from any R.E. game it opened the door for director Alexander Witt who helped bring to life the second movie, Apocalypse which was based right from Resident Evil: Nemesis which was one of the first of the game series on Playstation.

While this may be on of the greatest series to hit there are still more great films on the way such as, Devil may Cry (2010), God Of War (2007), and Prince Of Persia (2008) are just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come.

“Of all the games turned into movies, I would like to see the Halo series converted to film,” said Darrel Sour, senior sociology and marketing major.