Phon-a-thon brings cash to Southern Foundation

Christina Faris

During the 25th annual Phon-a-thon 10 Missouri Southern student employees worked to raise money for the University.

Making phone calls to alumni, friends, and local businesses, the Missouri Southern Foundation requests a donation of $25 per quarter over the next year equaling a total gift of $100.

According to Curt Betebenner, Foundation director, building rapport with potential donors by keeping things on a personal level produces a high response, but e-mail has had a low response because it lacks personal contact.

“We do have a connection with the people we are talking to,” said Lora Dean, sophomore international studies major. “And we want to remind them of that connection.”

The Phon-a-thon started Feb.1 and was scheduled to run through April 21, but after finishing calls early, it ended March 29. The call center operated during the evening hours but Dean said the hours were flexible with student schedules.

Last year’s donations totaled $70,275. The goal for this year is $85,000, and more than $75,000 has already been pledged.

Betebenner said screened calls sometimes cause problems for the Foundation as it trys to reach its goal.

Funds go to scholarships, capital improvements, faculty and department support, general University support and cultural activities.