Citrus beer, light flavor recieves high praise

Amber Englebert - Copy Editor

Amber Englebert – Copy Editor

Amber Englebert

Spring is here, and summer will soon be on its heels. With the weather warming up, it’s time to consider a beer that will refresh on a warm day.

Of all the styles, wheat beers are the mildest, and most soothing in the hot sun. The flavor is soft and almost citrusy, and the alcohol content is low. This is a good thing since alcohol can make a person feel overheated in the summer.

There are a few wheat beers that are readily available in stores and are very tasty. Paulaner’s Hefe-Weizen is a delicious example of a German wheat ale. There is no hoppy aftertaste, only a smooth, dry finish. Pizza by Stout has the beer on tap, but I have also seen it at May’s Drugstore and (of all places) Food for Less.

While Paulaner is good, it comes nowhere near the Shneider Weisse Hefe-Weizen. Another German beer, Shneider Weisse is as full-bodied as a wheat can get. There is a kick in the aftertaste that is pleasant. But it is the Shneider Weisse Adventinus that I sometimes pine for. A dark wheat beer, the Adventinus tastes great at room temperature and has a malty aftertaste. Both of these beers can be found at Stout’s, and I’ve heard of them floating around the occasional liquor store. If you can procure yourself a bottle of either, savor it.

There are a few domestics that I should mention. Everyone knows of Boulevard Wheat, and I admit it isn’t too bad. I recommend using the lemon that is usually served with the beer. It will bring out the citrus that sometimes feels missing.

Leinenkugel, a Wisconsin brewer, has a beer called the Sunset Wheat. While I’m not overly impressed with Leinenkugal’s other selections, the Sunset Wheat is surprisingly good. The citrus flavor is stiff, like the beer was brewed with oranges. The only place I have found it in Joplin is at Buffalo Wild Wings. Try it with some honey barbeque wings, and you’ll have one yummy lunch.

I suppose I should say something about Blue Moon. I’ll begrudgingly admit that Coors has a pretty good wheat beer in Blue Moon. But when there are so many other wheat beers out there that are better, why settle on the Blue? Go out and pick up Paulaner’s Hefe-Weizen and see if you’ll willingly buy a six-pack of Blue Moon again.