Faculty, staff members leaving

Holley Goodnight, coordinator of new student programs, and Julie Blackford smile at a Natural High Week event.

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Holley Goodnight, coordinator of new student programs, and Julie Blackford smile at a Natural High Week event.

Amye Buckley

After 11 years at Missouri Southern, Holley Goodnight, coordinator of new student programs, is leaving but she is not saying goodbye. Goodnight plans to continue teaching as an adjunct but she will leave her office in the Student Support Center to work with an adult education program in Carthage.

After graduating from Southern in 1996, Goodnight was offered a position at the University as a resident director. Three years later, she moved to Student Support and has worked with freshman orientation, the Fresh Start and student athletic success programs. She is an adviser, helps plan special events and teaches online classes as an adjunct.

“I’ve loved it here, I love everything about my job,” Goodnight said.

Goodnight says she is not leaving, just changing to a more part-time presence.

“I’ve just been really fortunate to have established some really great relationships both with students and staff,” Goodnight said. “And I’ll continue those.”

“She’s great, just plain great,” said Faustina Abrahams, freshman orientation coordinator and counselor who also works in the Student Support Center. Abrahams said students come in requesting Goodnight’s help.

“She knows it all,” Abrahams said. “She knows what students need; she knows what makes students happy.”

Kristen Meschede, senior marketing and management major, has known Goodnight for four years, first as her advisee and then working with Goodnight as a student leader for freshman orientation.

“She’s like the perfect go-to girl,” Meschede said. “She has all the answers or she’ll go find out.”

Meschede, a tennis player, said Goodnight understood her needs and helped her plan so she was not overloaded with class work during game season.

“Missouri Southern will definitely miss her,” Meschede said.

Leaving is difficult for Goodnight; she looks forward to opportunity but will miss the people at Southern.

“I get to work with all the faculty and staff,” Goodnight said. “I’ve just grown some really great friendships.”

Teyoni Wilson, junior psychology major, works as a student secretary for Student Services. Wilson said she will keep in touch and feels Goodnight is always someone she can go to.

“She’s like my big sister,” Wilson said.