A fresh start

Cally Chisholm

I vividly remember joining my high school’s newsmagazine on a whim, because I needed an elective. Fear of the unknown almost made me not join that class.

I could’ve picked something less threatening.

I had no previous experience nor did I ever express any desire to write for a publication before making the choice to take that journalism class all those years ago.

That leap of faith has landed me here today: a senior at Missouri Southern studying communications and taking on the role as editor-in-chief for The Chart.

As editor-in-chief, I hope to lay the groundwork that gives this newspaper a fresh start.

That includes a more engaging social media presence, cohesive interactions between online and print content, and creating a brand new website.

With the help of our new advisor Miles Sari and our mighty team of editors and staff writers, we can accomplish these goals. I am prepared to help lead this operation to a new age. We have severely lacked online and on our social media accounts. I’m hoping that this

year we can have a quality print issue while also having fun experimenting on social media and keeping our website updated.

I didn’t think I would be here when I first transferred to Southern last fall. I have loved being a part of this campus and getting involved in the communication department.

Thank you for picking up a copy of The Chart.

Thank you for your support for student-led journalism and leadership. I hope this is a year full of growth for me and the staff.

Cheers to another year at Southern. Go Lions!