Letting things resolve themselves

Amye Buckley - Editor-in-Chief

Amye Buckley – Editor-in-Chief

Amye Buckley

I’ve made the most marvelous New Year’s resolution – to make no resolutions this year. Now that may sound like an oxymoron to some, but it’s working out just fine for me.

It started when I bought the most adorable Christmas cards ever. Made up like a certificate, these cards absolve the holder from resolutions and all the fretting and whining that go along with them. They work so well I decided to keep the whole box.

Usually I send out early Christmas cards. Now when I say early, I mean really, really early. I send out those suckers every January and write a note inside wishing the lucky recipients their first holiday greeting of the new year.

This year I decided not to send out my early cards. Last year, last month, last time the holidays rolled around I received a grand total of one card. It was one of those newsletter cards where people you don’t really know – and like even less – tell you all about their achievements. Two weeks after I received it I ran right out and bought my cards. I think I’ll send them next January.

Having a resolution not to fret is harder than it seems. Sometimes the desire to finish homework before Monday morning just overwhelms me.

So far I’ve had lots of help keeping my unresolved resolution. Someone asked me if I planned to go on a diet. Well, thanks for asking, but, no, I resolve not to. Did I check my tire, which has a pin-sized leak and needs to be filled – again? Why, no, it isn’t flat.

Resolutions are made to be broken, but I have learned one thing in the past couple weeks – sometimes things resolve themselves. Maybe I should just plan on letting it happen more often.