Student e-mail switch underway

Becky Husky

Old e-mail accounts will be gone by next month.

Student e-mail accounts have been switched over to the new program. According to Missouri Southern’s Web site, the old Groupwise and Exchange e-mail programs will be shut down by March 2, 2008 at 12:00 a.m.

If students wish to save important e-mails, they can send them to their new accounts. Information regarding this process can be found by accessing the “[email protected]” link on Missouri Southern’s Web site. A guide explaining how to set up the new account can also be found through the link.

The new e-mail addresses will use the username from the Exchange e-mail, followed by the extension.

Response to the switch has been mixed, with some students becoming frustrated over the set-up process.

“It took forever and was really confusing,” said Bethany Humphreys, sophomore psychology major.

“I can’t even get into my e-mail,” said Amanda Phillips, sophomore bio-chemistry major. “I keep getting a message that says my username and password are invalid.”

But the biggest issue seems to be getting students aware of the switch at all.

“I really wasn’t informed about the new mymail account,” Humphreys said. “I didn’t even know it had switched until there were already 20 unanswered e-mails in it.”

With the new semester, professors will be using the new addresses to contact students. In order to stay up to date on school related information, students will need to access their new accounts. Students who experience difficulty with the program are advised to contact the ITS Helpdesk, located on the second floor of the Spiva Library.

“We really hope the campus embraces it,” said Ryan Halstead, electronic communication technician. “We at ITS [Information Technology Services] feel it’s a good program. We encourage people to try it out.”