Tragedy makes one stop, think, consider

Danny Bailey - Staff Writer

Danny Bailey – Staff Writer

Danny Bailey

Within the scope of a sports column, a writer puts more of themselves into the story. More emotion comes across through their words whether they be joy or sorrow.

Death is never an easy topic.

The loss of junior Danny Sickles blindsided the campus of Missouri Southern State University this past weekend.

Questions were left unanswered and many students who knew Sickles were inconsolable after his passing.

With a coy smile and immeasurable amounts of resolve, Sickles was more than a great competitor on the ball diamond. He was a friend.

Regardless if you knew him or not, his story is worth knowing.

Monday, during classes throughout the day, his friends and acquaintances recounted stories of his lighthearted spirit, charisma, and the unfortunate circumstances leading to his death.

Among them, the common question “why him?” proved hardest to ask.

Preliminary reports from the Southwest Missouri Forensics laboratory say the probable cause of Sickles death was a bacterial meningitis infection.

For those who were in close contact with Sickles while he was ill, a two-day dose of antibiotics will be administered to ensure the disease did not infect them.

The Joplin Health Department stated people with meningitis infections often have flu-like symptoms.

With bad weather upon us, I could only reflect on my numerous other friends who have stayed home sick, choosing to beat their illness without seeking medical attention.

It dawned on me then that Danny’s situation could have happened to any of us.

For those of us who take it for granted, life is precious and it can go without warning.

Condolences go out to family and friends of Danny Sickles. The turnout from his memorial service Tuesday just proves that he touched many lives with his smile and sense of humor.

He made us laugh and smile in the face of our own problems. He will be missed.

For additional information on Sickles death or bacterial meningitis, please see pages 1 and 3.