Award-winning actor and comedian performs in Corely

by Alexandria Berryhill

Matt Falk is an award-winning comedian, actor and writer, and Missouri Southern had the opportunity to have him perform on campus this past Friday evening. Falk has performed at Just For Laughs, The Halifax Comedy Festival and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. He had a debut comedy album called Apple Pie and Scars and reached The Top 10 comedy Albums of the year. So far, all three of his comedy albums have.

He has worked alongside Rob Schneider, Gilbert Gottfried, Full House’s Dave Coulier and others. Falk is known for having a clean stand up comedy act, and it has brought him many shows and winnings such placing 2nd in The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.

            Falk played in Corley Auditorium and played for the small crowd that attended, but it was a crowd that laughed the whole time. He joked about his wife and being a parent. He talked about how the world already had the the best joke and it wasn’t written by him. It was the owl joke and it goes as “Hey, somebody told me you sound like an owl” with the response back with “who??”. One we’ve all heard before and if not we’ll probably try to pull that on our family and friends now.