Lion Limelight: Southern alumna returns to inspire tomorrow’s teachers

Orval Howard

Missouri Southern alumna, Dr. Angie Durborow, returns to the University as an instructor in the teacher education department.

Many students have taken to referring to Durborow as “Dr. Durb,” since it is easy to remember.

This semester marks Durborow’s rst in higher education. After graduating from Southern in 2006, Durborow moved to Coffeyville, Kansas, where she taught high school for one year. The rest of her time teaching at the high school level was spent in Chetopa, Kansas.

As a high school educator, Durborow worked towards her doctorate degree. Now at Southern, she supervises student teachers on top of having a 15-hour course load.

Durborow said she is loving the transition from alumna to faculty. Having graduated from Southern, she is motivated to inspire students at the University just as she was when as a student.

“Professors truly buy in and care and they want to make you the best that you can possibly be. And now to have the opportunity to come back and be on the other side of that desk and see the need out there for quality teachers … it’s really, honestly, part of my dream,” said Durborow.

According to Durborow, she valued her educators at Southern so much that she wants to build o of the groundwork that they have laid within the community.

Durborow is passionate within the eld of education. She said she enjoyed her experience spent as an undergraduate student at Southern.

Durborow said the teachers care and want you to succeed more than anything. It is a motive for Durborow to pay forward the love she felt from her past educators and show her students how to blossom into great educators themselves.

“One thing we have in common, it is a common experience that many of us share, is that time we spend in a classroom. And I don’t think there is anything out there that is more powerful or more profound than being able to sit down with someone and talk and in uence that person,” said Durborow.

One of Durborow’s favorite quotes comes from Albert Einstein, “I have no extraordinary qualities, I am only passionately curious.”

Durborow said she is the type of person who never stops learning. She said that her job as an educator is to pass that knowledge on to somebody else.

She said she believes that people need to stay curious within their lives and keep learning new things.

“Be a lifelong learner. Don’t just commit to, ‘I’m gonna get that bachelor’s degree and I’m going to go get a job. en I don’t have to worry about that stu every again,’” said Durborow, “Never stop learning. Never stop being curious.”