McCallum leaves for Dickinson presidency after HLC



Amye Buckley

His responsibilities with the Higher Learning Commission visit at Missouri Southern over, Dr. Richard McCallum left for a new position.

Appointed Dickinson State University president by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education in December, McCallum stayed at Southern through the April 2 end of the HLC group visit. McCallum assumes his new responsibilities at Dickinson State on April 5.

Dr. Lee Vickers, Dickinson State University president, announced his retirement April 4 of last year. He will remain as a consultant for two weeks after McCallum takes the position.

“I truly hate to see him go, he’s been a real asset to Missouri Southern and a real pleasure to work with,” said Wendy McGrane, director of the Spiva Library.

McGrane says his biggest contribution here will outlast him. McCallum spearheaded much of the preparation for the HLC visit, including the First Year Experience. The discussion may have begun before his arrival, but the benefits will last long after he is gone.

“I think he sees how various things connect in a broader sense,” McGrane said. “I think he’s made it a broader conversation and included people who maybe weren’t involved in the past.”

Dr. Delores Honey, assistant vice president for assessment and institutional research, has worked closely with McCallum on several projects.

“He’s organized several ongoing meetings that have brought people together and I think it’s been a good thing overall,” Honey said. “I think it has added to the communication across campus.”

Honey said McCallum played a key role behind the scenes of the assessment process by allowing the various committees to play their part.

“I’ve appreciated his professionalism and I’ve appreciated his organizational skills and I’ve appreciated his vision for moving forward with some academic issues that were new to this campus,” Honey said. “He’s really kept us on guard.

“I wish him well in his new position, I’m certainly sure that he’ll do well in that. And I think that his kindness and professionalism to people will be probably what is mostly remembered about him.”

A reception at Dickinson State University will be held to welcome McCallum on April 10.