Corn, Greim, Wengert take lead for athletics

Amye Buckley

Athletic administrators are stepping up to fill in for an absent colleague.

Men’s Basketball Head Coach Robert Corn and Assistant Athletics Directors Kevin Greim and Julie Wengert will be sharing responsibilities for Sallie Beard, athletics director, who is on temporary family leave.

“Anything that was brought directly to Sallie comes directly to me,” Corn said. “We’re all three sharing in the administrative duties, home events.”

Once basketball practice starts in mid-October and the golf season slows down Corn will pass more of the administrative duties to Greim. Wengert will continue to oversee compliance and is involved in the administrative duties as well.

“There’s not going to be any major changes,” Corn said. “I think the big thing is we’re doing business as usual. Nothing is really changing, we’ve just got some people stepping up and assuming more responsibilities but as far as the day-to-day operation of the athletics operation nothing has changed.”