Campus Security Reports9-1-08Stalking/Harassment

A male student reported he was being stalked after having relations with a female student. He said she informed him she was pregnant. He said she had spoken with his friends and parents to tell them they were having a baby together. The male student changed his phone number.

9-2-08Drug ViolationBlaine Hall

While investigating a fire alarm in Blaine Hall, officials entered a student-occupied room to find a towel pushed up against the bottom of the door, a beer and fire alarm head sitting on the table, and a window open with a fan near it. They were suspicious that the students possessed more contraband and were given permission by the students to investigate the room. They found a bottle of alcohol and a bong. The alcohol was disposed of and the bong seized. The Joplin Police Department was notified.

9-3-08Injured PersonReynolds Hall

A security officer transported a student to the Health Office for treatment of a twisted ankle. The student said that while she was walking in the Oval, she stepped in a hole and injured her ankle.

9-5-08TheftBillingsly Student Center

The loss of 200-300 pounds of used copper was reported stolen from the second floor of BSC.

9-6-08Alcohol ViolationBlaine Hall

A security officer was dispatched to Blaine Hall to assist with an intoxicated student. When security attempted to calm the student, he became belligerent and for the safety of everyone, was handcuffed. He failed sobriety tests and was asked permission to search his room. He consented and security found two empty alcohol containers. The student calmed down, was released from handcuffs, and asked to go to sleep. Officials were advised to check on the student regularly through the evening to ensure his safety after he refused medical treatment. The student acted as if he would go to bed; however, upon exiting the room, security heard loud noises. Upon re-entry, they found the student had broken his television. While security was in the room, the student urinated on the floor. The student was eventually calmed and went to sleep. Security again advised officials to periodically check on the student to ensure his safety.

9-8-08TheftBlaine Hall

A student contacted DPS to report a stolen bicycle. The thief removed the lock and chain to steal the bike from the bike rack near Blaine Hall.