Campus Security Reports9-10-08TheftLot 23

A faculty member reported the theft of a sign that was on the fence along International Avenue. The sign promoted a volleyball game and is valued at $150.

9-9-08Suspicious PersonSpiva Library

DPS was dispatched to Spiva Library regarding a disruptive homeless person. Earlier in the day, they attempted to sell ‘ground-breaking research’ in Hearnes Hall. They explained to campus security that they were from MIT and gave their address as ‘100 Planet Earth.’ DPS dismissed them from campus. However, later in the day, DPS was notified that the person was at the Baptist Student Union and had been at the Fast Trip as well.

9-10-08Suspicious PersonSpiva Library

DPS was again called to Spiva Library regarding the same disruptive homeless person from Sept. 9. When security arrived, the person had left the library area. DPS found them on University Parkway in front of Hearnes Hall. When they were approached by DPS they raised their fist and said they were a martial artist. DPS advised the suspect to leave or be arrested. As they were walking away, they encountered a car stopped at a stoplight and shook their fist at the passenger in the car. The Joplin Police Department was called and intercepted the suspect at the Gas Co. where they were placed in handcuffs and escorted off the premises by JPD.

9-11-08Felony TheftBookstore

The MSSU campus bookstore notified DPS of discrepancies and missing items. In response, DPS installed security cameras to catch the potential thief. Upon review of the tapes, DPS identified a MSSU employee and two of their friends entering the bookstore and stealing more than $500 in property.

9-15-08InformationMcCormick Hall

DPS and Joplin Police Department reprimanded a student for joking about carrying a gun.

9-15-08Property DamageLot 25

A student reported their car had been dented between the tire and tail light along the rear panel and bumper. The car had a few deep scratches, a dent the size of a baseball, and a small crease near the top of the dent. There was no note left on the vehicle identifying the culprit.