8-21-08Vehicle AccidentLot 16

A vehicle stopped abruptly in front of a DPS officer patrolling campus in a truck. This caused the DPS unit to collide with the vehicle in front of it. The DPS officer exited the vehicle and checked on the other driver, who was not injured. The car was not damaged, so the driver declined to make a report and left. The DPS vehicle’s bumper was dented in about a half inch and the rubber skirt was dislodged.

8-24-08InformationLot 10

A student lost the transmitter needed to unlock their car. They believed someone had found it because the car had been started a few minutes before DPS arrived. The DPS officer placed a boot on the car to ensure no one stole the vehicle and escorted the student to the residence halls to get a spare keyless entry. The stock keyless entry would not deactivate the alarm or start the car. DPS removed the boot from the car and the student was returned to the residence hall with their keys.

8-26-08InformationSpiva Library

A member of the Spiva Library staff requested DPS assistance with a disgruntled student. The student demanded that the television be turned up and the librarian declined his request. Later, the student raised the volume and when the librarian turned the volume down, the student became angry. Officials instructed the student to speak with the director of the library.

8-27-08Injured PersonLot 39

A student was injured in a bike accident. DPS officers found them sitting on the ground next to their bike with a shoe and sock removed. The student’s ankle was tender to the touch and they had problems moving their toes. They were taken to the campus Health Center and were then referred to Urgent Care in Webb City for X-rays.

8-27-08Brandishing a WeaponHearnes Hall

DPS was dispatched to the cashier’s window in Hearnes Hall because of a suspect showing a knife to the cashier. When DPS arrived, the suspect was gone. However, DPS found the suspect on the first floor, walking around with the knife. DPS confiscated the weapon and later returned it to the student. DPS also questioned the student and instructed them to leave campus.

8-28-08TheftYoung Gym

A student reported the theft of a backpack from the hallway by the racquetball courts. The bag contained textbooks, a cell phone, car keys, and wallet containing about $15 in cash. The student noted that there were other bags present, but only theirs was taken.

8-28-08Property DamageLot 25

A student reported the ignition on their motorcycle had been tampered with. The ignition was found to have a dent on the left side of the keyhole, as well as small scratches around the ignition. DPS advised the student to park closer to the residence halls in a better lit area.