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[Editor’s note: Your letters on money issues as submitted to the President’s office through [email protected]]

I enjoyed the presentation explaining our economic situation. It helps to understand and therefore makes it easier to accept not getting raises. So as long as I’m not getting a raise, I would like to see these reports every year. I want to see where my contributions in salary (turning lights off and working with half the light in my office, etc.) are paying off.”

This suggestion is for the consideration of establishing an employee sick-leave pool at MSSU similar to what other universities, school systems and businesses have done. I understand that there are many ways that these have been set up and would involve some time and effort to establish such a policy. I do think it would be something that we could do to show that we value our employee (which would be nice anytime, but especially now that pay raises have been withheld.”

Several weeks ago Al Stadler, probably the busiest guy on campus, took the time to show me how to do a simple task in GroupWise. I think it would be great for new employees to receive basic training for specific software used at MSSU. Less time would be spent on asking questions and performing tasks the long way. Even classes to brush up on our skills would be helpful.”