Nightclub offers what others don’t: Salvation

Trey Dennis

In Joplin there are many nightclubs where people dance, drink and have fun. One establishment, The Salvage Yard, offers a different environment.

The Salvage Yard is a Christian nightclub located at 1402 S. Main.

The club is non-alcoholic, and has a coffee bar and outreach to help spread Christian teachings.

Ben Bainbridge, the founder and minister, opened the nightclub nearly two years ago.

“A salvage yard is a place where people go to find things to help them further down the road,” Bainbridge said. “That is what we do here. We help people find things spiritually that would help them further down the road, and to help others as well.”

Bainbridge also serves at the food bar of The Salvage Yard.

The Salvage Yard will often have bands that play Christian music.

The bands Hypernikao and Leaving Summerfield performed at the club on Sept. 13.

Missouri Southern students perform at the venue, as well, including Eli Spencer and Asher Pointdexter.

“I played Sept. 17, it was a fairly good atmosphere, really relaxed and easy to play in,” Pointdexter said. “I really enjoyed the whole show. It did run a little long but possibly an earlier start time or a weekend date would be better.

“Overall I think that the idea and concept of live acoustic music on campus is great. I loved being able to play and hope that there are more opportunities like this one.”

The club is open from 6 p.m. to midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The coffee bar is open at 5 p.m. on Sundays, and worship opens at 6 p.m.

Upcoming shows at The Salvage Yard are The Gift on Sept. 27, a TSY Block Party on Oct. 10 and Forbidden Fears on Oct. 18. For more information please visit www.myspace/thesalvageyard, or call 417-623-YARD.