Crosswalk safety called into question

Alexandra Nicolas

Since a Southern student was hit crossing Duquesne Rd. Oct. 16 everyone seems to have the same concern: how to keep it from happening again.

April Mead, senior psychology major, was struck by a white Honda, driven by Jessica Johnson, freshman computer forensics major crossing from Lot 18 to Taylor Hall. Since the accident Johnson has been thinking positive and looking to the prevention of future accidents.

“I’m just hoping that something good can come from this,” she said. “I’m going to see if there’s anything I can do so no one else has to be “that” pedestrian or “that” driver.”

Ken Kennedy, director of the department of public safety said though that road is technically under the jurisdiction of the city, a committee may be formed to examine the crosswalk.

“Everyone’s concerned about that accident,” Kennedy said “I think probably, even though it wasn’t a fatality we’ll look at that.”

Mead was struck, rolled onto the hood of the vehicle, her right arm punching through the windshield before being thrown onto the pavement.

Witnesses on the scene said the accident was unavoidable.

Mead was released from Freeman Hospital on Oct. 18 though as of press time she had not returned to classes.