9-24-2008BurglaryBlaine Hall

Campus Security responded to Blaine Hall to investigate a theft of a student’s wallet sometime between the evening of the Sept. 23 and the morning of the Sept. 24. The student said they went to bed and their roommate left to shower, leaving the dorm door cracked open. The student heard the door shut and approximately 20 minutes later, the roommate knocked to be let in. The student noticed their wallet missing on the morning of the Sept. 24.

9-24-2008Information Lot 10

Campus Security responded to the Leggett & Platt Athletic Center regarding a student having an asthma attack. Paramedics gave the student oxygen and medication and transported them to the hospital.

9-29-2008BurglaryEast Hall

A student contacted Campus Security to report the theft of their Xbox 360 Halo Edition, two standard Xboxes, three controllers, and two Halo 3 games. The student added that they noticed the items missing on Sept. 27 but they thought it was a friendly prank. Campus Security advised the student watch pawnshops, online sites like EBay, and other such venues to possibly find the missing items.

9-29-2008VandalismLot 17

Campus Security answered a call regarding a vandalized car. Security identified eggs, juice, and possibly coffee on the car. They also noted eggshells and an egg carton on the ground. The car sustained no damage.

9-30-2008Destruction of PropertyDryer Hall

Two students reported that while they and a friend were outside Dryer Hall taking pictures, another student threw a football at the student taking the pictures. The impact knocked the digital camera out of the student’s hands and the glasses off the student’s face. The digital camera struck the ground and broke.