A good idea if done well

By July we could see the beginnings of a Staff Senate.

It’s a good idea.

We have a Faculty Senate. We have a Student Senate. It stands to reason that some of the hardest working people on this campus should have their voices heard too.

They answer the phones. They clip the grass. They plan Homecoming. They keep this place moving.

“For a long time I’ve been wanting to pursue the creation of a Staff Senate,” Dr. Terri Agee, senior vice president, told The Chart this week. “I think we’ve got a good climate for forming this organization.”

She cited an interest in “shared governance” and “transparency” as key factors in the formation of a representative staff body.

Agee also mentioned that University President Bruce Speck is behind her in the creation of a Staff Senate.

However, an open avenue for communication makes no guarantee that suggestions have to be honored, or even acknowledged.

Our Student Senate came up with some decent resolutions this semester. But should the administration choose to, it can disregard them at the drop of a hat.

In fairness, and because we love to play devil’s advocate, the Student Senate also came up with some real stinkers that Speck and his crew should run right through the shredder.

Currently, the committee for the formation of a Staff Senate is working on the rough draft of the future bylaws.

With Agee’s level of enthusiasm for this project, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that she could be an ally in helping to establish a Staff Senate that not only can communicate with the administration but actively work to improve things.

Even our Student Senate could use sharper teeth.

Open communication is always valuable. But screaming at someone wearing headphones is hardly ever effective.