Your suggestions


“I did not realize that we had an e-mail suggestion box and appreciate the chance to send in a few suggestions. This one is traffic related.

I have noticed lately that several cars as well as construction trucks have been entering Parking Lot No. 11 from Lantern Drive behind Spiva Library and going the wrong direction. Since it is the straightest path I can understand why the big trucks prefer to go against the traffic pattern. I think some of the other drivers may just be confused. Would it be possible to paint big yellow directional arrows on the pavement at the entrance of Lot No. 11 and Lantern Drive to show people the preferred driving pattern?”

“This suggestion has to do with the limited amount of parking spaces in Parking Lot No. 10, which is mostly designated as faculty/staff parking until 3:00 p.m. This parking lot serves faculty and staff for our four different buildings (Spiva Library, Reynolds Hall, Hearnes Hall and Leggett & Platt). With the loss of parking spaces with the new construction, we think that students will want to park in Lot No. 10 even more than the problem we had last year with them parking there. Would it be possible to have security monitor that lot more often or perhaps establish additional faculty/staff parking in Lot No. 11?”


“Suggestions for cutting costs:

*Fix all leaking faucets, toilets, etc.

*Close campus at 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. on Fridays (any excluded employees get two hours off weekly at convenient time to conserve energy.

*Have administrators (or anyone making above $100k or $75k) have 1-2 percent salary withheld during this one-plus year tight time frame, with the understanding that when MSSU is back on its feet (no more than two years), they will receive this pay back.

*Replace “free admission” events with 50 cent charge for adults/students and 25 cents for kids.

*Turn off office lights, shut down computer (or turn off monitor), etc. during lunch and each night.”

“I appreciate the urgency of controlling spending to arrest the growth of our deficit. However, in my experience, an enterprise may survive by cutting costs, but it succeeds by increasing revenue.”