Security reports

11-13-2008InformationDPS responded to a report of prank phone calls. A member of MSSU faculty said the calls began in January or February of this year, usually happening around 9:00-9:30 a.m. every week or every other week on Tuesdays or Thursdays. The faculty member was not in her office when she received Tuesday’s call. The message said, “Don’t stand out in the rain or your cup won’t runneth over. This is your Bible verse for the day, bitch.” The faculty member said they had been called other names but most often called “cradle robbing bitch.”11-14-2008InformationEast HallDPS received an anonymous tip regarding potentially stolen speakers in East Hall. DPS inspected the suspicious speakers. They then spoke with one of the victims of the speaker thefts to verify the brand of the speakers that were stolen from the student. The brands didn’t match. DPS thanked the anonymous student for their concern. 11-15-2008InformationBlaine HallDPS responded to a Joplin Police Department report of possible shots fired at East Hall. JPD, Jasper County Officers, and DPS investigated the situation. They determined that what appeared to be shots fired was actually a metal door to a trash chute being slammed shut in one of the stairwells. 11-17-2008InformationLot 26A vehicle was cited for failure to register and parking in faculty and staff parking. The DPS officer issuing the ticket recalled writing prior violations to the same car and looked into records. The officer found the vehicle had past tickets that were unpaid, totaling more than $600. DPS placed a boot on the vehicle to ensure the citations were paid. 11-17-2008InformationDryer HallWhile patrolling, a DPS officer noticed a broken window on Dryer Hall. DPS was able to contact the resident eventually.