11-18-2008FightMayes Student Life CenterA Sodexho employee notified DPS of a student fight in front of Mayes. The two students involved threw drinks on each other and exchanged words. DPS interviewed both students involved as well as multiple witnesses. The student who did not initiate the fight wished to drop the issue. 11-19-2008InformationEast HallActing on an anonymous tip about an alcohol violation, DPS responded to a room in East. The residents gave permission to DPS to search the room and DPS found an empty bottle of blueberry vodka. 11-20-2008TheftUmmel TechnologySix dial calipers and five dial indicator clamps were stolen from Machine Tech. They are valued at $134.95. 11-22-2008TheftHeadlee HallTwo roommates in Headlee Hall reported their cameras missing. DPS is locating the suspects to question them about the matter. 11-22-2008Vehicle Accident Lot 24A Lamar school bus bumped into a parked vehicle while trying to navigate a corner. He needed extra room because there was a car parked in the fire lane. DPS notified the owner of the vehicle. Both vehicles incurred minor damage. 11-24-2008Ill StudentTaylor HallA student passed out in Taylor Hall. They reported they ate breakfast. DPS transported her to the nurse’s office. 11-25-2008Ill StudentLeggett & Platt Athletic CenterDPS responded to Leggett & Platt regarding a student who passed out. While DPS was attending to the student, they passed out a second time. METS and JFD arrived, the student refused treatment. DPS transported them to the school nurse for further treatment. 11-25-2008TheftDryer HallA student left their room overnight and when they returned the next evening they discovered a television, Xbox, 6 Xbox games, 5 DVDs, and an MP3 player missing. The student’s roommate noted the items were there when they left for class that morning. 11-25-2008Property DamageLot 43DPS responded to a call regarding property damage to a student’s car, the student stated they just had their car repainted and noticed the deep nick on the driver’s side door handle immediately. The DPS officer noticed a chip of paint on the edge of the driver’s door that was parked next to the student’s vehicle and this vehicle was issued a citation for not registering. DPS recorded the vehicles VIN and left a note with the citation informing the owner of being involved in an accident.11-25-2008Drug ViolationBlaine HallDPS found two marijuana pipes with what appeared to be marijuana residue in a student’s room in Blaine Hall. They also discovered containers with marijuana seeds and stems in them. The items were taken into evidence. 11-30-2008TheftLot 25A student reported their Jensen CD player had been stolen from their car that was parked in Lot 25. The electronics were estimated at $150.12-1-2008Injured Person Ummel TechnologyA student fell on ice while crossing the bridge on the south side of Ummel. They were transported to the nurse for evaluation.