Holiday List: Five web sites worth visiting

For the masses, Youtube may be enough to keep them entertained, but for those who wish to venture out of the safety of the norm, here is a list of Web sites that receive The Weekender’s approval. Paranoid rants, slightly sexual humor, and highly entertaining pitchy cartoon characters that are supposed to be squirrels are the genetic makeup of this Web site. Foamy the Squirrel, the bug-eyed pessimistic main character, is often the centerpiece of this biweekly cartoon. Contemplating Reiko offers both flash animation and single panel comics aimed at amusing people with a darker sense of humor. Reiko, the main character of this site, is a samarai demon’s daugher who is obsessed with death. But be careful this site is filled with morbid images such as violent children and animal mutilation not for the faint of heart. Full panel comic strips that usually take stabs at video games and movies are the main source of comedy from the VG Cats webpage. They often blur the shallowness of reality with the video game characters and mythologies of each of the respective games to create offbeat gamer humor. Funny photos and personalized captions can be added to others’ photos or personal photos at The only rule is that the photos be of animals (mainly cats, but other animals are accepted as well). While this site is still humorous it is a little more PG than the others. This site is filled with random funny nonsense. Videos range from classroom humor to living the college life…wrongly. College life is the staple of much of its original comedy. The site also contains several video and picture links. Please keep in mind this is a college-level humor site so don’t let your parents watch over your shoulder if they can’t handle people poking fun at their age.