Your suggestions

“I would like to see more employee input onto the selection of health (to include dental, vision, life, disability) insurance plans. From experience at other organizations, I have grown fond of HR departments presenting the pros and cons of at least three carriers to employees for input and voting. Obviously, any potential plan changes will produce concerns of changing primary care physicians, switching health systems, pre-existing conditions, etc.

I suggest that:

* A cross sectional committee be formed to assist HR to assess perceived needs of the University, budgetary constraints, available carriers, etc.

* HR seeks proposals from at least three carriers that service the Joplin metro area (based on committee input)

* That these carriers are invited to present all campus employees (several sessions needed per year) with at least two plans per carrier

* Employees select two carriers with one plan each by ballot for further consideration (electronic voting suggested)

* Recall selected carriers for further presentations and questions.Final ballot casting by all employees

* Other needed approvals

* Implementation

I have seen similar processes initiated and completed within a couple 60 days for 1,500 employees. Health care is a major concern for such employees and as an employee I would at least like to examine the available options and provide input into this process. Such a process would help me understand the possibilities and choices with a fixed budget.”


“I have a suggestion to save trees and cut the cost of paper while still enjoying the International Semester. If the Germany events flyer were sent in an all-campus e-mail that would save paper and still let the campus know about the upcoming events.

I appreciate the hard work put into making the Germany semester’s booklets too. I have personally planned the events with my students using the booklet from the international office.”