Suggestion Box: Chart should print names

I would like to put forth a suggestion. If individuals are going to submit suggestions and make accusations regarding the behavior of MSSU employees, then I would like to suggest that The Chart have the consideration to print the name of the person making the suggestion.

In the Feb. 6 issue of The Chart someone made a remark about our hard working custodians. The individual who wrote that our custodians have 2-3 hours of free time, to sit and visit with faculty and take breaks, obviously has not had the opportunity or the vantage point to see or smell the indescribable conditions that they face everyday.

Frankly… in my opinion…it’s a travesty when individuals who use this campus have no regard for the custodians who clean up their disgusting messes.

Mary Heim

[Editor’s note: Suggestions Box items are forwarded on paper copy from the President’s office. Names and e-mail addresses are blacked out from the copies received by The Chart.]