Security reports for the week

Jan. 20TheftLot 11A student contacted DPS to inquire about a previous incident of theft, happening on Oct. 6, 2008. The student could not remember if the items were taken while inside the library or while they were in the student’s car, parked in Lot 11, west of the library. The stolen items were textbooks, property of Missouri Southern, inside a yellow handbag. The textbooks were: exceptional child, interpersonal communications, psychology, human communications, and voice and diction. There was not a previous report on file with DPS.Jan. 21HarassmentHearnes HallDPS took information from an instructor concerning a problem that they were having with a student enrolled in one of their classes. The problem began on Jan. 19. The student met with the instructor at their office to ask if they were enrolled in the class. The instructor explained that though the student’s name was not on the roll sheet, this did not mean that the student was not in the class. The student left to acquire proof of enrollment and came back to the instructor’s office and kneeled in the doorway. The student showed the instructor a copy of the student’s printed schedule and said, “See, I told you I was in your class.” The student then asked the instructor if it was “meant to be” for the student to be in the class. On Jan. 20, the student arrived to the class late and was very disruptive, speaking over and interrupting the instructor repeatedly. The student remained in the hall outside afterward and paced loudly outside the door of the next class that the instructor was teaching in the same room, distracting both students and instructor. On Jan. 21, the instructor saw the student sitting outside another class. When the instructor came out of the classroom, the student grabbed their things and ran down the stairs. The instructor believes that since the student was reprimanded for being disruptive both in the instructor’s office on Jan. 19, and in the classroom on Jan. 20, that the student has been waiting either outside the instructor’s classes or outside the instructor’s office many times. Jan. 22Lost ItemAnderson Justice CenterAt 10:18 p.m. on Jan. 22, DPS took a report of a lost/stolen wallet from a student who remembered having the wallet while in class a few hours previous. An officer took the student back to the classroom and helped the student to look through the room. The officer checked the custodian’s closet and could not find it in there. After making a report at the security office, the student went back to his room. At 10:40, the student contacted DPS to report that the student’s roommate had located the wallet in a previously used jacket pocket.Jan. 23MedicalTaylor HallAt 11:15 a.m. on Jan. 23, DPS received a call from Taylor Hall requesting assistance for a student who fainted outside a classroom. The student told the DPS officer that the student had not eaten that morning but had drank one-half a pot of coffee. The officer transported the student to the nurse’s office for treatment.InformationLot 39, EastAt 3:06 p.m., a student contacted DPS concerning the possibility of an attempted theft from the student’s vehicle that was parked in the main parking lot. The student did not lock the doors of their Jeep Wrangler as it is a soft-top and easily broken into anyway. The student came to the vehicle and noticed that the center console was open and papers were moved around. The student stated that nothing appeared to be missing though there were documents inside the car that could have potentially been ill-used as they contained pertinent personal information. InformationLot 22A driver failed to make a stop at a stop sign and was flagged down by DPS. The driver argued with the officer and refused to show identification. The driver then put his vehicle in drive and took off. The officer followed the vehicle with lights and sirens but lost the vehicle near a convenience store on Newman Rd. west of the campus.Jan. 28InformationEast HallTwo roommates were having problems living together. A RA moved one of the students to a different room. A DPS officer interviewed students involved.Jan. 31Mayes Student Life CenterInformationA student refused to wait in line to pay at the cafeteria. The cafeteria employee told DPS that this has happened three or four times. The McCormick Hall RA left a note for the student to contact her.