25 nifty boredom busters

Andrew Ford & Glenn Landberg

Even with jobs, family and relationships, it’s easy for Summer days to build into Summer boredom. Here’s 25 things to do once you’ve exhausted your Arrested Development and Family Guy DVDs…

1. Fall in love with a girl (or guy) from Carthage.

2. Go skinny-dip in Shoal Creek.

3. Go watch the fireworks at Ozark Christian College.

4. Dance away the night at Club 502.

5. Make a hole-in-one playing frisbee golf at McClelland Park.

6. Get a brain freeze from a Sonic Slush.

7. Set-up hop skotch on the sidewalks of the Oval late on a Saturday night.

8. Gobble down a tongue sandwich at Lalo’s Mexican Restaurant.

9. Devour a dozen wings at Hackett’s Hot Wings.

10. Ask a checker at Aldi’s to marry you.

11. Skip the cab, walk all the way home from a bar with a friend.

12. Watch Anderson Silva vs Forest Griffin at Sportsman’s Park.

13. Force down a whole pizza from Pizza by Stout.

14. Go on a nature walk at George Washington Carver state park (it’s free!)

15. Buy a homeless person Taco Bell.

16. Call in sick to your summer job.

17. Go camping at Bull Shoals in Arkansas.

18. Tell your niece or nephew a ghost story.

19. Read through all the comics in the Joplin Globe.

20. Share a s’more and a blanket with someone nifty.

21. Use a slingshot to zing pebbles across a swift canal.

22. Go catch a fish (and put it back in) at Kellogg Lake

23. Tap your toe into the night listening to Ben Miller Band Tuesday night at Blackthorn Pizza and Pub.

24. Quick! Solve the mystery of the Hornet Spook light.

25. Go rock your socks off at The Surge downtown.