3-10-2009TheftEast Hall

At 10:20 p.m., DPS was dispatched to East Hall on a report of theft. The occupant of the room reported that $5 to $10 was taken and that an iPod and computer had been moved around. The occupant of the room said it may have been his roommate or a friend. There was no sign of forced entry. The DPS officer dusted for fingerprints.

03-11-2009Lost/ Stolen ItemKuhn Hall

At 2 p.m., DPS was dispatched to the Learning Center, in Kuhn Hall, on the report of a theft. A student had put his things into a locker while he was taking a test. Once the test was over, the student went to the locker, grabbed his things and left. According to the student, 10 minutes later he realized that he didn’t have his wallet and he went back to Kuhn Hall to look for it. The student reported searching the entire building and emptying out his backpack. The locker he had been using was then occupied. The student notified DPS when the wallet was not located.The wallet contained $6 in cash, a bankcard, at least three credit cards and several club membership cards.The student was told to notify DPS if the wallet is found. The locker was to be checked as soon as the new occupant had finished the test.The wallet was found the same day with nothing missing.

VandalismLot 25/ North Apartments

At 4:35 p.m., DPS took a report from a student who discovered that their car had been vandalized. The student left their residence Friday night to hang out with friends and came back at 7:30 a.m. on March 11 to find that the Pontiac G6 had been keyed on both passenger and driver sides. There were also two dents in the middle of the passenger side accompanied by two small scratches.Evidentiary photos were taken.

03-13-2009Drug Law ViolationMitchell Hall

At 10:45 a.m., DPS responded to a report of two students abusing illegal substances on school property. DPS noticed, when they arrived at the scene, that there were two black males sitting in the front seats of a black Lexus that was filled with smoke. The officer approached the passenger window and asked the individuals what they were doing. The men stated that they were listening to music. The officer asked the men why the car was filled with smoke and why the smoke was pouring out of the window when it was rolled down and they said that they were just smoking cigarettes. The officer then asked why the smoke smelled like marijuana and the men did not reply, but just stared at the officer. The officer explained that a report had been made against the two individuals and one male admitted that he had been smoking marijuana, “but not while driving.”The officer and his partner went to the patrol car to discuss the next course of action. One of the men came up to the patrol car window and asked what was going to happen to him. He replied to the officer by saying “Like I had no clue what was going on.” The officer asked the man to clarify his statement but he refused to respond. The two individuals left the scene and entered Mitchell Hall.The officer returned to the security office and spoke to the supervisor who advised the officer to notify JPD and ask them to come onto campus and go to the dorm room belonging to the individuals for a “knock and talk.” JPD and two Southern security officers went to the individual’s dorm room and were granted entrance by the two individuals and a friend. JPD began a warrant check on each individual while DPS searched the room. JPD allowed the students to leave to attend class while the room and warrant searches were still being done. Ten to 15 minutes later, JPD flagged down DPS and notified them that one of the individuals had two warrants out for his arrest for possession. DPS contacted the individual and he was taken into police custody without incident.This is also the second run-in this same student has had with DPS involving marijuana.

03-14-2009Vehicle AccidentUniversity Parkway

DPS arrived at the scene of a vehicle accident 12:35 p.m. in the University Parkway. The driver of vehicle one claimed to be at fault as soon as she was able to speak to DPS. The driver of vehicle one said that she checked her rearview mirror before pulling out of her parking space and did not see anyone. The driver then pulled out and collided with vehicle two. The DPS officer asked her if she had checked her side mirrors and she said that she did not. The driver of vehicle two happened to be a DPS officer who was driving an MSSU insured vehicle. The officer said that he applied his brakes but was unable to avoid collision with vehicle one. Both vehicles were towed out of the way of other vehicles.

03-16-2009InformationMcCormick Hall

At 8:35 a.m., an officer was dispatched to McCormick Hall on the report of a male staying in a female’s dorm room during spring break. The female was called by DPS and she said that the male in question was her boyfriend. The female was then told that this was against Southern policy and the male needed to leave. DPS then met the female resident in her dorm room and escorted the male out of McCormick Hall with the female student following behind.


At 5:30 p.m., an overseer of the construction at the health and science building notified DPS of a possible problem with a recent, but former, employee. The overseer said that an employee of an unnamed company was supposed to get some work done on the building that weekend but did not. Outside help was then brought in to get the job completed and the individual in question became upset. The man grabbed his tools and workers and quit the work site. The overseer requested an increase in observation of the site just in case the individual came back to cause “trouble.”

03-23-2009TheftLot 22

At 5 p.m., DPS was notified about a blue Chevy Blazer containing three individuals who were stealing the “love” and “hate” signs recently put out on campus by the Baptist Student Union. One individual was reported wearing a green shirt, one with a red shirt, and one with an orange shirt. DPS found the Chevy and ran the license plate in the system to find the student information.The officer then went to the dorm room of the owner of the Chevy and the room contained three individuals, one with an orange shirt, one with a green shirt, and one with a red shirt. The owner of the Blazer said that he didn’t know anything about the signs and didn’t understand what the officer was referring to. He did admit to driving the Blazer and accompanied the officer down to the vehicle.The student was asked about the signs in the back of the Blazer that the owner denied stealing and he said, again, that he didn’t know anything about the signs and didn’t understand how they got into the back of the truck. DPS confiscated the signs and took their Driver’s licences and their student I.D.’s to make copies of. The student then admitted to taking the signs but didn’t understand what the big deal was.DPS spoke with the person in charge of the BSU and this person refused to press charges against the individuals involved. The individuals were notified of the decision. The students’ coach was notified of the incident. No further action was taken.

03-24-2009InformationCriminal Justice Building

At 5 p.m., DPS was contacted by JPD with a report of an orange Ford Mustang, owned by a student, which slid off the road, hit the fence in front of Mills Anderson Justice Center, and then left the scene. The person following behind the student reported the accident to JPD. DPS decided to let JPD handle the report because the accident technically happened on Newman Road. A DPS officer went out and took pictures of the fence for their records. While the DPS officer was taking the pictures, another witness to the incident came forward and said that the student’s car lost control as it accelerated after the turn onto Newman Road from University Parkway.

03-2-2009Fire AlarmTaylor Performing Art Center

DPS noticed, while driving on University Parkway that strobe lights were going off in the Taylor Performing Arts Center. The students inside were questioned and they all said that they did not know why the alarm was set. The officers could not find a source for the set alarm. The officer tried to reset the alarm and it would not reset. DPS contacted a supervisor who instructed them to reset the alarm in the main panel. The alarm was reset from the main panel and DPS contacted JPD to report the false alarm.

03-29-2009EMS CallBlaine Hall

At 8 p.m., DPS noticed two EMS paramedics getting out of an ambulance in front of Blaine Hall. A DPS officer followed the paramedics to a student’s room and found the student face down on the floor. The student told the paramedics that he had no feeling in his arms and legs. The student reported taking a Tylenol pill and a few throat drops. A paramedic said that the student was probably dehydrated. EMS offered to take the student to the hospital but the student’s RA offered to take the student instead. The student was placed in a stair climber and taken down to the front of Blaine Hall where he began wheezing and having trouble breathing. EMS then took the student by ambulance to Freeman Hospital.