6-21-2009Vehicle accidentUniversity Parkway

An eastbound vehicle moved over to give more room to a westbound vehicle and its mirror struck a post holding a gate. The mirror and door glass was damaged.

6-22-2009Reynolds HallIll student

DPS was dispatched to Reynolds Hall regarding a student who had passed out. The student advised the officer that he was on medication which caused him to pass out after the walk to class from the parking lot. The student refused transport to a hospital but was taken to the University nurse for evaluation.

Lot 17Information

DPS was dispatched to Lot 17 at Hughes Stadium regarding a wheel and tire fire and blow out. DPS assisted the vehicleís owner and family by requesting a wrecker to tow the car to a repair facility. DPS and the wrecker driver transported the family to the repair facility.

6-23-2009Taylor AuditoriumTheft

DPS was dispatched to the music department regarding the theft of a Rolend Digital Piano. A faculty member advised the officer that the item had been removed from the band storage room over the Christmas break. The faculty member said he found the room unlocked over the break while contractors were installing a fire alarm system. The faculty member did not have any suspects. Replacement value of the item is $1,800.

6-24-2009Duquesne Rd.Property destruction

DPS was contacted by the Joplin Police Department about property damage and whether the University wanted to press charges. According to witnesses interviewed by DPS, a motorist in a truck hit a tree, ran over a stop sign and left the scene. The driver was arrested by the Duquesne Police Department for DWI and obstruction.

6-26-2009Lot 25Information

DPS responded to a vehicle in Lot 25 squealing its tires and doing “doughnuts.” The driver was a student at Missouri Southern and was advised by DPS not to repeat the incident.

6-29-2009Anderson Justice CenterThreats

DPS received a report that an individual was making threats about “going on a shooting spree.” DPS immediately initiated an investigation and resolved the situation.

7-16-2009Blaine HallMedical emergency

DPS was dispatched to Blaine Hall regarding a 12-year-old female semi-conscious and breathing. When the officer arrived the girl could not tell him what day it was, was not sure where she was or what she had done that day. Her pulse was also rapid. Emergency personnel arrived and evaluated the girl, who witnesses said had slipped on a sleeping bag and hit her head. The girl was transported to a local hospital.

7-17-2009Mayes Student Life CenterInjured person

DPS was dispatched to Mayes Dining Hall regarding a young girl who had been stung three times by a yellow jacket. The girl was feeling dizzy, having trouble breathing and felt like her throat was swelling. Emergency services were called and firefighters and paramedics responded. The girl was taken to an area hospital.

Soccer fieldsSuspicious activities

At approximately 10:30 p.m. DPS was dispatched to the south soccer field regarding a suspicious white vehicle parked behind a debris pile. The officer found a man and a woman. The woman told the officer that she was going through a terrible divorce and her and the man were discussing things. The officer explained that they were trespassing and issued a verbal warning.

7-21-2009Taylor AuditoriumFire alarm

DPS responded to a fire alarm in Taylor Auditorium. No trouble was detected and the officer reset the alarm.

7-28-2009Lot 39Property destruction

A suitcase belonging to a participant in an Upward Bound trip was run over by a vehicle while the suitcase was lying next to a bus. Estimated value of damaged property is $360.

7-29-2009Softball complexTheft

DPS was advised of two bushes that had been dug up and stolen from the south field. The plants were valued at $20 each.

8-10-2009Spiva LibrarySuspicious activity

DPS was dispatched to Spiva Library after being advised that an individual appeared to be viewing pornography on a library computer. DPS contacted the individual and investigated the sites. The individual was a former student whose login information still worked. DPS told the individual he was banned from campus but if he wanted to return for classes, he could call DPS and be advised of the process.

8-16-2009Maupin HallIll student

DPS responded to a student reporting flu-like symptoms. The student did not want medical treatment. The students roommate was told to call an ambulance if she got worse.