Job fair scheduled for Wednesday

Luke Taylor

Career Services will hold an event nest week to give students the opportunity to find potential employers.

Career Development Day is slated for Wednesday, Oct. 7 with hourly events from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“Career Development Day is a great opportunity for MSSU students and alumni to get ‘real world’ information about a variety of career fields from representatives of various organizations,” said Lora Burch, career services coordinator.

The event will give students and alumni the opportunity to meet with potential employers in their job field.

“They will be able to connect with employers and start building their network,” Burch said.

She also emphasized that students need to practice their communication skills early in their time at college so they can be equipped to successfully find a job after graduating.

“Most people are not comfortable with small talk and mingling with people they barely know,” she said. “Therefore, students need to start practicing these skills in their first year of college so they can become comfortable with it by the time they graduate.

“No one just wakes up the day after graduation with these skills.”

In preparation for Career Development Day, students should create a resume and have Career Services review it. Also, they need to prioritize the organizations they wish to visit ahead of time. Students can find a list of companies registered to attend at

“Give some thought to any possible questions you may want to ask,” said Burch. “Write them out before you go instead of trying to make them up on the spot.”

Another tip for groundwork for the event is for students to create a short introduction/commercial for themselves. Burch says employers won’t approach students at the event to test their assertiveness.

“Not only does it show how you handle yourself in stressful situations, but it also shows what type of employee you’d be if they were to hire you.”

As of press time, 45 employers are registered to attend, but there are usually late registrations.

“Our goal is to help all students be successful,” said Burch.