Chart reporters can’t be everywhere

Parker Willis

I would like to offer everyone my sincere deepest apology.

Now that we have that out of the way…


Yes, I’m talking to you. And by you, I mean anyone who has come up to me this semester and complained about the lack of coverage of their event, or the criticism of their organization.

We, at The Chart, are a news source. We are not here to be public relations for everyone on campus who thinks their event is important.

Yes, of course everyone is entitled to some coverage. And yes, if there are late-breaking news stories we should cover them. But in no way can our campus newspaper be an advertisement for every event that more than two students show up to.

There are only so many reporters on staff, there are only so many photographers on staff and there is only one me. We can’t be everywhere all the time, though we try to be.

But if your organization thinks it deserves some sort of full-page ad given to them because they adopted a quarter mile of highway and have devoted three full hours of their week to cleaning it, then you are severely mistaken.

Also, if we criticize your organization, don’t get all huffy and refuse to talk to our reporters as some sort of retaliation. That is the worst way to ensure fair coverage of your event.

We, as journalists, try to cover what we think has the highest news value. And if we see that some group or organization is doing a less than stellar job we’re going to say something about it.

It’s nothing against you personally. We’re just trying to spotlight your faults publicly so everyone has a chance to point their fingers and laugh, not just us.

So, if your event isn’t getting covered or if your organization feels as if we’ve been too critical of them, keep in mind… most likely it’s your fault.