Student Senate cancels meeting on short notice

Emily Seigel

The resumption of classes after fall break also brought the cancellation of this week’s Student Senate meeting.

Darrell Sour, senior marketing major, said he thought that with less than two hours notice, the cancellation was abrupt.

“If it were to have been canceled, say a week prior, I would have had no issue,” said Sour.

Sour said he sent e-mails to all the senators and made phone calls about holding an informal meeting.

The informal meeting lasted about an hour. Sour said he counted 12 people at the meeting. No officers or advisers were present.

Most of the informal meeting was a discussion over the issues brought up at the last formal meeting.

Last week, Senate heard two appropriations requests, along with two resolutions. The senators voted to allocate $1,000 in funds to two students of the EMS program to travel to Washington, D.C., for three days to attend the National Collegiate Honors Council.

The second appropriation request was a $1,000 reimbursement toward a fraternity for the “Beat Pitt State” T-shirts they funded and handed out at the Miners Bowl game on Oct. 3, with “Student Senate” on them.

Amanda Van Lue, Senate treasurer, said one of the reasons the finance committee did not recommend the requested funds be allocated was the fact the submission of the appropriation took place after the shirts had been made and distributed. In addition, the appropriation was not submitted by a registered student organization, but by the students themselves.

After 20 minutes of discussion, Nate Starmer, sophomore senator, made a motion to table the issue and take a vote on the appropriation at a later date.

“I think we can bring a resolution for the next meeting that will provide for funding for the t-shirts in the future,” Starmer said after the meeting last week. “Possibly [we can] change the minds of some of those votes that would have been ‘no’ to a positive vote for this particular situation.”

Starmer said the discussion had changed from the actual appropriation to methods of deciding who received t-shirts and in what manner they were distributed, and the discussion needed to be refocused.

“Obviously there is a lot of controversy,” said Sophomore Johnathan Saunders, a member of the finance committee. “We want to set a good precedent. This decision affects a lot of things in the future,” said Saunders.

Two resolutions sponsored by Elizabeth Harris, junior marketing major, were also brought up for discussion.

The first resolution was to put up a Senate Web site open to the public. After discussing upkeep, cost and necessity of the Web site, the senate voted not to pass the resolution.

The second resolution was one to distribute booklets of examples for writing resolutions to give students as a reference at the beginning of the semester, which was approved.