It’s about time

Finally, it seems, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is paying attention to Missouri Southern.

For months Nixon sat by idly as seats on the University’s Board of Governors expired or became vacant. Other vacancies and expired seats around the state were filled promptly, while we waited for action.

Since former Gov. David Ansley’s homosexual slur during last month’s Board retreat, however, Nixon has finally paid attention to this institution’s governing body. Ansley resigned his post, which had already expired, two days after uttering the now-infamous term to describe a previous athletics logo. A day later Nixon appointed Lynn Ewing III to the post.

That appointment followed the selection of Sherry Buchanan in December, who replaced a seat vacated by Doug Davis. And now, after a very extended period of time, Nixon has selected Zeke Tarrant to serve as the student representative to the Board. While we’re glad the Governor stepped up and made those appointments, more work is needed.

Board Chair Rod Anderson’s seat expired last September. How Nixon can let such a crucial position hang in limbo is beyond us. Whether Anderson is reappointed or replaced, something must be done. Especially in a time of controversy and financial concern.

To ignore this seat is a disservice to this University.