I work with the best people


Executive Editor Luke Taylor is a junior mass communications major and a transfer student from the Crowder College Sentry. Taylor was a candidate for 2009 Missouri College Media Association Journalist of the Year and is an MCMA multi-award winning writer and designer.

Since the dawn of time, most of mankind has complained about authority figures; their bosses, their managers, their leaders.


I’m glad I’m not one of those people.

You see, I have two of the greatest leaders I could have asked for at The Chart: Brennan Stebbins and TR Hanrahan.

You probably already know The Chart was named best division two University newspaper in Missouri last weekend. What you may not know is that Brennan, The Chart’s editor, was nominated for Journalist of the Year.

So much of what I’ve learned about reporting at Missouri Southern has come from working with Brennan. He interviews, investigates, and reports for the stories that usually end up on the front page.

I haven’t met a student journalist who works harder and devotes more time to his University newspaper than Brennan. Without a doubt, The Chart would have placed much lower this year without him.

And then there’s TR.

TR was named Adviser of the Year at the same event. Not many know what an adviser’s duties are. They don’t control content of the newspaper, just offer guidance on the tough decisions.

As an adviser, TR brings decades of experience (yes, he’s a little old) to the staff. Each week, he’s available whenever we need him. Anytime.

As a former MSSU student and once Chart editor himself, he has devoted one-fourth of his life to this newspaper.

He gives us advice when we want it. He gives us advice when we really don’t want it. He torments us relentlessly when we mess up. Just like a good adviser should.

In this world, it’s such a foreign idea to love your boss. A lot of student journalists don’t like their advisers, either. Without a doubt, I’m one of the few who love both.