Chart to publish online original FOIA documents


In an effort to serve the public, The Chart will begin to make available online most documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act and Sunshine Law requests.”Journalism is, in part, a public trust,” said Brennan Stebbins, Chart editor-in-chief. “We have a responsibility to ask questions on important issues and we have an obligation to provide our readers with as much information as possible.”Not all these documents are newsworthy and produce stories, but they often provide a context to our stories. The reader can see for themselves what we are requesting and how we present that information.”The first round of documents attached here comes from a request dated April 13, 2010. The original request is likewise attached to this story. In the request, The Chart asks for “all e-mail correspondence between President Bruce Speck and the following individuals: Roger Chelf, Dwight Douglas, Lynn M. Ewing, Rod Anderson, Richard Walter, Danny Weaver, Rob Yust, Rob O’Brien, Michael Beatty, Jared Bruggeman, Mark Parsons, Brad Kleindl and Rod Surber; for the period beginning April 5 and ending April 11. In addition, all e-mail messages sent and received by Brad Kleindl for the period beginning April 5 and ending April 11.”The e-mails included here comprise the first portion of that request. The e-mails to and from Kleindl totaled hundreds of pages, including spam, and are still under review.It will be The Chart‘s policy to provide these files unaltered and complete with the exception of blank pages, advertisements and other pages of no news or informational value.”We don’t want readers to sort through Kleindl’s travel ads,” Stebbins said. “But public documents are just that – public. The public is entitled to these documents and we intend to be the primary news source for the Missouri Southern community.”