Students elect next year’s Senate officers

The flyers around campus and Styrofoam cups stuck in the fence in front of the criminal justice building told students the time for Student Senate elections was here again.

Voting for Student Senate offices was held April 27 and 28. The 148 student voters decided who would serve as next year’s senate president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.

Senior Darrell Sour won the presidency. Junior Samantha Quackenbush won the seat of vice president. Freshman David Sigars will serve as treasurer and Lauren Alumbaugh will serve as secretary.

“As president, I plan to apply ideas introduced by prior sessions to help us become more efficient and accessible,” Sour said. “I’d also like us to support the international component of the Missouri Southern mission statement.”

Sour who has been a long-standing member of the senate, feels that his knowledge of the Senate’s structure will be his greatest strength.

“The primary role of any president is to provide a business structure which builds and promotes consensus,” he said. “I tend to be very accessible & dedicated, which is conducive of a productive environment.”

From word of mouth and flyers to free donuts and candy, each candidate had their own way of getting their name out to students.

“I designed and posted fliers around campus hoping to catch the attention of a few students who would not normally have voted,” Quakenbush said. “The first day of voting a few friends of mine handed out business cards with my information printed on them on my behalf and the second day of voting we took to the sidewalks. This has become an on-going trend and I think it helped grab a few people who were close to the Lion’s Den to go in and cast their ballot. ‘Quack’ing up Campus is what we called it-using a creative spin on my last name to stick with people until they reached the voting table.”

She said her main goal for this next year is to connect the Student Senate with the students.

“If you ask most students about Senate on this campus they either do not know we exist, or all they know is the negative renditions of our meetings they have read about,” she said. “I want each and every senator to make it a personal challenge to meet with and talk to as many students as possible about what they want to see changed or improved on this campus, that is within our authority, as we are supposed to serve as strong liaisons between the student body and student senate.”