Navigating the drop day mess


Jordan Larimore, Sports Editor

This semester got off to a bit of a crazy start for me.

So like many before me, I procrastinated all summer, completely ignoring the annual thorn in my backside, the FAFSA. About two and a half weeks before classes started, I got a call from my adviser, who also happens to be the adviser of The Chart, T.R. Hanrahan.


“Yeah, how’s it going man?”

“Listen I can’t process your Chart scholarship info until you fill out a FAFSA.”


Naturally, the next chance I got, I knocked out the paperwork monster. Thinking my job was done, I went back to enjoying my last days of summer vacation.  

Then came drop day.

Apparently, the folks in the financial aid and business offices are so on top of things, two weeks wasn’t enough time for them to at least see I had filed my FAFSA. Because of a lack of it getting recorded, my scholarship information couldn’t go through and be processed, which meant I couldn’t set up a payment plan for my fall fees and tuition.

I got dropped.

So my awesome adviser and I managed to re-enroll me in 16 hours, all ones I needed to take at some point. Awesome. Out of the woods right? My FAFSA will show up anytime now and I can sort out all the legwork and set up my payment plan! Yes!

Classes were going fine, until the second week I decided to test out of Spanish 101. I did so, and therefore needed to drop the class in order to get my full refund. Friday of the last week to drop classes and still get that refund, I go to the registrar’s office to drop. Here I am informed I can just have my adviser drop me without filling out any paperwork and running around campus getting everyone and their brother’s autograph. Nice. A couple hours later, my phone rings.

“Jordan it’s T.R., I can’t drop you due to a hold on your account, go back to the registrar’s office.”

When I got there, they were very helpful and dropped the class for me without question. Although they said they didn’t know anything about my hold and directed me to the business office.

I wasn’t a big fan of Hearnes Hall to begin with.

At the business office window, I told them I needed to speak with someone about a hold on my account I didn’t think should have been there. I gave them my name and S number, they pulled up my account and immediately looked puzzled.


“Umm. Well…we’re not sure why this is here…but we’ll take it right off for you,” cashier lady said. She then laughed and added, “It’s a good thing it’s not quite 5 p.m. You’d have gotten dropped for no reason!”

Yeah, hilarious lady.