Student Senate looks to improve quality

Missouri Southern’s Student Senate called its first meeting Wednesday, Sept. 1.  This meeting was an informal question and answer for all new and returning members.  

All of the elected officers were present; President Darrell Sour, Vice President Samantha Quackenbush, Treasurer David Sigars and Secretary Lauren Alumbaugh.  These officers are all new to their positions.  

New propositions on how the Senate would be run were raised for future meetings, such as having formal and informal meetings to discuss issues before they are presented and voted on.  

“This way we will have more quality input and more effect on campus,” said Senate President Darrell Sour.  

Other suggestions brought up were trips to other campuses to compare and reconstruct policies and procedures in the current state to improve where needed.

Also, a review of the appropriation forms and revising and amending the constitution were on the agenda.

“Students are welcome to come and participate,” Sour said.  “We want people to know that this is not a political group, that most of the people here aren’t with a political affiliation.”

The Senate is also looking into more ways of getting involved with the community and different groups on campus.  

The Senate meets each Wednesday evening.