Possible Lions quarterback controversy


Possible Lions quarterback controversy

After a five-interception game against Emporia State last Saturday, my counterpart, Mr. Mills, seems ready to give up on our quarterback at Missouri Southern.

In addition to five picks, Collin Howard also fumbled before the day was over. On the outside, it looks like Howard single-handedly gave the game away. However, when you consider the situation, the former Webb City standout should never have had the chance to do so.

Even with a field-goal-safe lead, Southern’s coaching staff continued marching its team down the field, and kept Howard throwing. Twice, he led them inside the opponents’ 10-yard line, but both times was intercepted. Rather than trust the defense and pound the ball on the ground to eat up clock, the coaching staff continued putting the ball in the air.

The Lions did not have a running back averaging less than five yards per carry in the game. Why not keep feeding Cornell Gedward who had just ripped off a 96-yard touchdown? Why not put the ball in Steven Sumpter’s hands?

Even wide receiver NeRonte Threat had a touchdown on the ground to that point.

Apparently there was no lesson learned with Howard’s first two fourth-quarter picks. Emporia took over the game when, still leading, Howard dropped back and completed a pass to the wrong uniform that was taken for a 54-yard game-winning touchdown.

I don’t mean to say Howard should get off scot-free, he obviously didn’t do his job Saturday. But if his coaches had done theirs, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.