Tea party has serious flaws


Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter / Arts Editor

A propaganda state is being built.

The conservative groups known as the tea party are trying to undermine the advancement of the entire country, yet they don’t bother to explain any plans.  They will call it returning to our roots, or something just as cheesy, but the group has a serious flaw — one that hopefully will dismantle it before it gains any more momentum.

Looking at their website, heritage.org, the tea party group clearly lists its statements in a 10-principal list, but it is far from organized. The first failure of the organizational structure of the tea party lies in the vagueness of the plan. For example, the website heritage.org says that some of the “first principals” states that the current education system “upholds mediocrity in the name of relativism,” a principal championed by Republicans a decade ago in the form of No Child Left Behind.

It then states, “The Heritage Foundation must lead the call to awaken our country and get back on course.” It then lists a group of “We must…” without granting readers any specific plan. In an attempt to find the plan, I read on.

Second principal: American leadership. It lists the problems right wingers see in the government and what they fear without getting (too) extreme, which makes the site accessible to moderates without offending many sensibilities; all in all a very well executed piece of writing, but then the end of the paragraph comes.

“What is required is a coherent overarching blueprint that identifies the source of anti-Americanism and the lack of confidence and coherence in U.S. leadership here at home…(and) overcome these obstacles and the reassert the nation’s leadership role.”

What is the plan exactly? You say need a blueprint, do you have one?

Maybe it will be whispered in the sounds of silence.

Wait for it…wait for it…nope.

They make another post for education, stating, “we support policies that move education control out of Washington, D.C., to families and local communities.” Again, they do not list any specifics. Same for their energy plan, and the rest of the list — all pointing fingers and no plan makes the tea party a stupid boy.

Now, do you see a pattern?

Well, lets spell it out to you.

A Newsweek article titled “Feeding the Beast” quoted a Rand Paul spokesperson, who said, “he couldn’t spell out a proposal to do that before the Nov. 2 election.” Christine O’Donnel told Time magazine of the Tea Party, “It’s more of a cause than a campaign. And the cause is restoring America.”

The rest of the article never lays out the actual plan, because there isn’t one. The entire plan is to wrestle power away from the liberals without coming up with a new plan. Pointing fingers does nothing. Come up with a plan or shut up.

Another item championed by the tea party was Proposition C, which passed with more than 70 percent of the state’s votes, yet is void by Supreme Court decision McCullouch v. Maryland in 1819, which is summed up by Chief Justice John Marshall, who said in his opinion, “the constitution and the laws made in pursuance thereof are supreme. . .they control the constitution and laws of the respective states, and cannot be controlled by them.”

This comes from a group who’s first priority is to change the education system so that they can study more than relevance. Hmm…

Their party is about to go extinct. We can see the hypocrisy. We can smell the blood of this wounded elephant. Through civic duty, research and logic, the tea party can be defeated, driven underground and disseminated. Do your civic duty and act or live with the foolishness of the tea party.

A propaganda state is being built. Act against it. You have been warned.