They blew it

The students of the Equality Alliance — and a wider campus audience — has waited months for a Board of Governors update on the University’s non-discrimination policy.

The Board referred the matter to a committee last spring, and since then we’ve all been eager to hear whether the Board will approve adding sexual orientation and gender identification protection to the school policy.

Last Friday was supposed to be the big update, the time when the Governors let everyone know they’re taking the issue seriously.

Instead we were told they received some information — earlier in the day — that would take some time to sift through.  

The Board blew it. And they blew it big time.

Students should be outraged, and we know some of them are.

The Board also said they are weary of possible fiscal impacts from changes to the policy.

If they’re putting money ahead of civil rights, they can all do us a favor and resign.