Students propose change in policy

In Wednesday afternoon’s Student Senate meeting, the Senate voted to send a resolution it had drafted to the Board of Governors.

This resolution was regarding the University’s new policy of charging students to print on campus. Most senators said the issue taken with the policy was not paying to print, but the fact that in order to print, students must put a minimum of $25 on their account.

Senate had drafted and approved a resolution to ask the Board of Governors to consider a change in the policy where students would be given a certain amount of prints for free before being charged the $25 to print on campus. The Board will receive the resolution at its next meeting.

Another order of business at Wednesday’s meeting was to fill three seats on the Senate that had been vacant so far this semester.

Kegan Boyd, freshman political science major, Kisa Clark, junior mass communications major, and Devon Nixon, sophomore political science major, were all presented to the body and approved as additions to the Senate.

Student Senate is also looking for ways to get more organized this semester.

According to Senate President Darrell Sour, the Senate will be making use of a group feature on Lionet where all officers can join and be notified of announcements, and generally communicate more efficiently.

“It’s set up almost like blackboard,” Sour said. “There’s announcements but there’s also places for photos, files so we can upload files. Basically under files there will be like a folder for the agendas, a folder for appropriations, a folder for resolutions. So not only do we have what’s coming up for the next meeting, but we also have kind of a record of what’s been accomplished from the previous semester to ongoing.”

The Student Senate also discussed the design and adoption of a logo for the organization and two ideas were presented to the group to view and consider.

The format followed by Student Senate this semester has been the entire body meeting every other week while on the opposite weeks, committees of the Senate meet. On the weeks of these body meetings, the committees will report to the group as a whole.