A little suspicious

The administration keeps tinkering, and it was on display during Monday’s Faculty Senate meeting.

Student representative Lauren Alumbaugh told the Senate that student senators want to be more involved in faculty committees.

“We’d like to be involved in any ad hoc committees you have recently created,” she said.

Like, the ad hoc committee investigating a survey to gauge faculty satisfaction?

The Student Senate has no need to be involved in that committee or most others. The Student Senate and Faculty Senate are separate entities.

Later, Faculty Senate chair Cheryl Cifelli, during her report from the committee on committees, aired concerns that the faculty welfare committee may be going beyond its reach.

And that statement comes from the person who received a promotion before taking over as president, and who is often seen in University President Bruce Speck’s office.

Maybe they were both just innocent statements with genuine concern.

But they sure sounded like top administrators using the back door to control the “troublemaking” Faculty Senate.