The wrong review

On the surface, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s call for program review makes sense.

The state is locked in a fiscal crisis and higher education institutions are preparing for cuts in appropriations.

The belt has to be tightened, but academic program review isn’t the right way.

Since Nixon mandated the program review in August, schools have scrambled to prepare. Now, Missouri Southern faces the elimination of up to 15 programs.

Only reviewing academic programs is like trimming the muscle and leaving the fat.

Instead, Nixon should have mandated reviews of all programs that aren’t directly related to education. Student services and administration are growing at Southern, and we pay big bucks for athletics.

Shouldn’t those areas go under the knife before academic programs at an institution of higher learning?

We understand the important roles student services, administration and athletics play at a university. But in a time of looming budget cuts, shouldn’t those areas be reduced before we start trimming majors and taking educational options away?

Nixon’s program review makes sense.

But he chose the wrong programs.