CAB entertains students with ‘Glee’

On Tuesday nights, the Missouri Southern’s Campus Activities Board is showing the Fox television show Glee at 7 p.m. in Phelps Theater, located on the ground floor of the Beimdiek Recreation Center.  

Prior to Glee night, CAB had sponsored only movie nights in the theater. In an effort to try something new, CAB decided to show a television series that students enjoy. According to Malorie Cashel, director of student activities, Glee “was one particular TV show that [the board] thought that most students would come to or enjoy.”

During its first season, Glee earned the distinction of the most nominated series of the year with awards shows such as the Primetime Emmys and the Golden Globes. Set in the halls of McKinley High, the series follows a group of students eager to surpass those in their singing competition. The cast is now in its sophomore season and has been picked up through its third season, according to the Fox website.  

Anywhere from five to 15 students currently meet on Tuesday nights to watch the series. Students that are interested in the show but not the cost of cable television can join CAB for this free event.

“On this campus, you have to pay for cable and stuff and this kind of gives them [students] a way to get out of their apartment,” said Cashel.

Although CAB sponsors the event on campus, everyone is welcome to attend. Unless students stop coming, the Glee night will continue.

“We’ll do it until the very end [of the series], if that’s what they want to do,” said Cashel.

Other series are being considered for showings on other nights of the week, including ABC’s Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy.  

“It’s pretty easy to do,” said Cashel. “We have the facilities for it, so we’ll do it.”

Student recommendations will choose the series viewed. For more information about Glee night or recommendations for future series, students may contact Cashel at 625-9669.