3,000 miles to nowhere

I recently went in for an oil change, and it sucked.

I take care of my truck, routinely changing the oil every 3,000 miles in order to keep it operating. This is basic for anyone with a vehicle, so I suggest you do that. I love my truck. I really, truly do, but taking care of it only reminds me of one thing; how little I’ve done.

The distance from Joplin to New York City is 1423 miles. A trip to Seattle is 2,016 miles one way. Going to Las Vegas is 1,332 miles. Dallas is 365 miles from here, and Austin is 563. Route 66 is 2,851 miles. I went to school, work and home for the duration of 3,000 miles.

3,000 miles to nowhere.

I find it incredibly distressing that I have done so little in that timeframe, especially since there is so little to do in Joplin without coming up with it on your own. Yes, I said it, there is little to do in Joplin. Big revelation here.

Pre-21 me believed that the complaints were just made by people who don’t nose around to find things, but I’ve found that the only things that don’t close down by 11 are the bowling alleys, a far to expensive movie theatre and bars—lots and lots of bars.

The fact is it doesn’t get any better. You get a year older and you still have nothing to do. So what’s left to do after 11p.m.?

Back to the original list, one option is to drink it away. I mean there are plenty of venues to do it in. Strike one. Entertain yourself with movies? Maybe, but how long until that becomes routine, or boring? Strike two. Then there’s bowling. Strike three. Turkey!

The final option is to say in or go out with friends and try to make the best of what little we have here, or get out of town, which in itself will eventually become boring.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that my truck reminded me that everything gets boring and life doesn’t get better after 21. There is nothing to look forward to.  Life sucks. You have been warned.